Earn incentives on qualified purchases of AMVAC® products for a cash rebate of up to 1/3 of total paid on SmartBox® equipment for the 2018 growing season per year for 3 years. To qualify, products for use in the 2018 planting season must be purchased between 9/1/2017 to 6/30/2018.

AZTEC® HC Corn Soil Insecticide
Superior control of rootworm and seed attacking pests, plus the convenience of the high-concentrate, granular formulation to cover more acres with fewer refills.
AZTEC® 4.67G SmartBox® Corn Soil Insecticide
Broad-spectrum control of corn soil insects in a closed-handling application system, which minimizes dust exposure and reduces refill time.
SMARTCHOICE® HC Corn Soil Insecticide
Dual modes of action for proven control of rootworm and seed-attacking pests. 2X the active ingredient reduces handling and refills to allow growers more time to focus on planting.
COUNTER® SmartBox 20G Corn Soil Insecticide
The power to control nematodes regardless of hybrid selection. Reaches beyond seed treatments to stop pests before they strike roots and cut yields.
THIMET® 20-G SmartBox® Insecticide
Formulated in a dry, low-dust granule that is rapidly absorbed within the plant to provide dependable, systemic protection from the roots up. Stays on the job even in wet weather.
FORCE® 3G SmartBox® Corn Soil Insecticide
Effective at low use rates providing proven, broad-spectrum insect control and long-lasting residual in a granular formulation.
Broad-spectrum control of all six major corn soil insects, including rootworm larvae, cutworms, wireworms, seedcorn maggots, seedcorn beetles and white grubs.
A powerful force in post-emergence control that offers outstanding control of glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds along with remarkable grass control.
The new early, post-emergent solution (up to 12-inches in height) to control the toughest, glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds and grasses.

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